Pogo is an online gaming platform that provides maximum entertainment and entertainment to its players. When it comes to the fun of playing online games, Pogo has an edge over its competition thanks to its sophisticated technology, and to stand out from the crowd, Pogo Management continues to innovate and develop. Add new technology, so, pogo players won’t get bored. One of the top features used by the Pogo team is the Pogo Construction Zone. To get acquainted with the inside and outside of the Pogo Construction Zone, you either use the Pogo customer service phone number or browse this blog.

Pogo Construction Zone

What is a Pogo Construction Zone?

If you are a pogo player and want to be updated with the latest developments in pogo games then you need to know Pogo Build Zone which can keep its players up to date with all the recent developments. Updating is a routine task in the context of Pogo games, which its players should be well aware of.

An announcement about a game update could be made by EA or Pogo, on two sources. We can’t take this as genuine information until it is displayed in the build area of ​​Pogo, and you will get a message with “Proceed”, which means you are ready to receive a new update. soon. If anything else is told, it could be speculation.

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Pogo Games will join future games

Upcoming games, including Pogo Mini-Golf and Dice City Roller HD, will be on the list of Pogo Games.


  • The age of the constellation Octavius ​​will start from today and will last till November 6.
  • The Quest for Summer Vacation Challenge runs until September 22.
  • The collection of Vintage Product Sign Badges was launched yesterday.

Game Updates

  • Sweet Tooth Town has been updated on 9/8 with its new level 4 for the Cream Shop.
  • Snowbird Solitaire: Around 25 new levels will be added to the game by September 25 of this year.
  • Jewel Academy: This game will be accompanied by new levels and badges by September 22, which are included below.

1- Level: 521-540

3- New Badges: 25

  • Peggle Blast: This was deployed today and will last until September 21st.
  • Jet Set Solitaire: It started on September 22 and lasted till October.
  • Story Quest: will be available in early September and will be episode number 165.

Website Update Information

If you want to add challenges without ever leaving your game, with just a few clicks you’ll be able to browse, buy and activate any mix-n-match & amp; Individual challenges for the game you’re playing. You don’t need to jump in and stop the action, you can now click or tap the B badge icon in the menu on the right side of the game, after which you can click “Add more challenge”.

The Pogo Construction Zone can be a great place to find information about pogo games because we know that pogo is a great online platform that keeps getting updated.