Pokemon GO Darkrai Raid Guide

Pokemon GO Darkrai Raid Guide- Best Counters, Weaknesses? Darkrai debuted in Pokémon GO in October 2019 during the year’s Halloween celebrations. It has since reappeared in the game several times throughout 2020 and 2021. However, it has been two years since players have had the chance to capture this legendary pocket monster native to the Sinnoh region. Luckily, it will be visible in 5-star impressions from October 20th, 10 am local time, to November 3rd, 2023, at 10 am local time.

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Darkrai is a formidable opponent in Pokemon GO, and you need to go with optimized counters to come out on top. It is recommended to create a team of at least three or four members with the appropriate tokens to eliminate the Darkrai raid boss.

This guide will provide you with all the relevant information regarding this challenge in Niantic’s mobile game.

Darkrai’s weaknesses in Pokemon GO

Darkrai is a Dark-type pocket monster, meaning it is weak to Fighting, Fairy, and Bug-type attacks. The creature also resists ghostly, dark, and psychic types of activity.

Darkrai will have 53,623 CP when you encounter it as a 5-star raid boss in Pokemon GO. The creature has a base attack of 285, a defense of 198, and 172 HP.

Feint Attack and Snarl are Darkrai’s quick attack options. The mythical Pokémon can use Dark Pulse, Focus Blast, and Shadow Ball as charged attacks.

Best Counterattack Against Darkrai in Pokemon GO

Based on the above information, let’s take a look at the best counterattacks against Darkrai.

Best Fighting-Type Attackers for Darkrai Raid

  • Terrakion with double kick and holy sword
  • Keldev with a low kick and holy sword
  • Shadow Mechamp with Counter and Dynamic Punch
  • Lucario with counter and aura field

Recommended Mega Evolution

  • Mega Blaziken with Counter and Focus Blast
  • Mega Lopunny with Double Kick and Focus Blast

Best Fairy-Type Attackers for Darkrai Raid

  • Shadow Gardevoir with charm and dazzling shine
  • Xerneas with Geomancy and Moonblast
  • Shadow Granbull with charm and cruel game
  • Togekiss with charm and dazzling shine

Recommended Mega Evolution

  • Mega Gardevoir with charm and dazzling shine

Best Bug-Type Attackers for Darkrai Raid

  • Pheromosa with bug bite and bug buzz
  • Volcano with Bug Bite and Bug Buzz
  • Shadow Pinsire with Bug Bite and X-Scissors
  • Shadow Scissors with Furry Cutter and X-Scissors

Recommended Mega Evolution

  • Mega Pinshead with Bug Bite and X-Scissors
  • Mega Scissors with Furry Cutter and X-Scissors

Darkrai Has Gained CP and Shiny Availability in Pokémon GO

Darkrai can be encountered for between 2,048 and 2,136 CP at level 20 when there is no improvement in the weather. However, if the weather is foggy, he will have 2,560 – 2,671 CP at level 25. In both cases, 2,136 CP and 26.71 CP represent Darkrai with the correct (15/15/15 IV).

Darkrai encounters can be shiny during these raids and have a shiny chance of 1/20. Keep in mind that Shiny Legendary Pokémon are guaranteed catches in Pokémon GO, so be sure to use Pinap Berries to maximize the candy you get from them.