Who does not like some online source of entertainment in these days?Everyone cannot afford going out and playing outdoor sports, on the contrary we love some easy source of gaming on our computer or smartphone devices. Pogo.com is one of the most popular online gaming websites that allows users to play thousands of free online games. Moreover, users are also offered premium subscription of “Club Pogo”, which enables the unlimited access to all premium games and tournaments.

Pogo games Helpline Number

Pogo.com website relies upon the connectivity of your Internet and compatibility of web-browser. Some issues in your Internet or computer may cause unexpected obstacles in online games. There is no direct Pogo Support Number available on the website, but customers can reach Pogo Customer Service at www.help.ea.com. The following website allows users to share their issues related to games or their account subscriptions.

Users who cannot move objects in “Hidden Object” games, must check and fulfil essential requirements-

Install & Update Java

Many Pogo games are built on Java platform and require Java plugins installed and activated. If you have not installed Java yet, then visit https://www.java.com/en/download/ and download the latest Java app at no cost. If you are getting an error during installation, then uninstall preinstalled Java version from “Apps& Programs” and try reinstalling after rebooting the computer.

Install and Activate Flash Player

It is another essential browser plugin that activate most popular games. Without Flash Player, you will not be able to major Pogo games such as: Spades, Canasta, Mahjong, Scrabble etc. download Flash Player at https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ and enjoy all your loved Pogo games without any obstacles. If you are unable to install Flash Player, then speak with Pogo Support EA agents for additional help services.

Set Browser Screen Resolution

Yes! Some users modify default screen resolution in web-browsers due to visibility issues, wherein it makes a bad impact on some Pogo games and disable some of their features. Users are recommended to set their Pogo web-browser screen resolution to 100% only so that all games could respond with all its features.

Recommended Browser

The latest Internet Explorer 11 is the most compatible browser in Windows computers that allows all required Pogo games plugins to run. If you cannot find IE 11 in your PC, then contact your computer manufacturer and ask for it.

For more help and assistance, you can contact on Pogo Helpline Number and get assistance from online experts. Your disappointment is acceptable when your games are not loading somehow. But not to worry as every issue has its own solution.